Cat’s Eyes

Cat's Eyes

Cat’s Eyes most recently scored Peter Strickland’s award winning feature film Duke Of Burgundy. For this they were nominated for several awards including the Ivor Novello for Best Original Film Score. They also won the European Film Composer Award for the Duke Of Burgundy music, cited as…

 "…a very brave and daring approach to film scoring, with all the right elements of musical craftsmanship and visual understanding."

Cat’s Eyes are Rachel Zeffira and Faris Badwan, an unlikely pairing of indie rock icon and classically trained multi-instrumentalist and soprano. Faris is better known as a member of alternative goth band The Horrors while Rachel is acclaimed for her classical/opera work including participation in the Kathleen Ferrier competition and performance for Pope John Paul II in the Vatican. A soprano, organ and oboe scholar of high repute, Rachel has also forged a reputation for her outstanding work arranging and conducting choirs. She has worked with artists and projects as diverse as Frank Ocean, The Spice Girls, feature film soundtracks ‘Angry Birds’ and ‘Pan’, the FA Cup Final and Rihanna.

The resulting music from this oddly aligned pair is both beautiful and ethereal, striking a heady balance between a more traditional orchestral sound, Rachel’s trademark breathy vocals and Faris’ darker experimental influence. The translation of their sound and music to film has been a natural progression for the band, with both the technical ability and sonic tendencies to suit the soundtrack world. Songs from their records have also frequently been used in picture including Rachel Zeffira’s ‘Break The Spell’ for The Captive.