Graham Coxon

Graham Coxon

The son of an army band musician, Graham Coxon was born in a military hospital in Rinteln, Germany in March 1969 and spent much of his childhood in Colchester, Essex, where he attended Stanway Comprehensive with Damon Albarn.

Graham would later move to London to study fine art at Goldsmiths College, meeting fellow student Alex James and introducing him to Albarn and Dave Rowntree in 1989 to form Seymour.

Chiefly known as the guitarist in Blur, Graham also plays saxophone and drums on many Blur tracks. He composed 1997's "You're So Great" and sang vocals and composed much of the band's 1999 hit single "Coffee & TV".

Graham has released eight solo albums - The Sky is Too High (1998), The Golden D (2000), Crow Sit On Blood Tree (2001), The Kiss Of Morning (2002), Happiness In Magazines (2004) which reunited Graham with Blur producer Stephen Street, Love Travels At Illegal Speeds (2006) and The Spinning Top (2009), which Graham toured with a three piece band which included a vast array of musicians including the Power Acoustic Ensemble, featuring Robyn Hitchcock and folk legend Martin Carthy.

Graham's eighth solo album, A+E was released in 2012 to widespread critical acclaim.

In 1998 Graham founded Transcopic Records, on which he released his first five solo albums, the label building up a rostra which showcased a wide range of musical styles including Assembly Line People Programme, Ooberman, and Louis Vause, with Graham working as producer on many of the label's releases. He has since gone on to compose music for film and TV productions including Channel 4's Fresh Meat and British Drama "The Riot Club".

A prolific artist, Graham created the cover for Blur album 13 as well as much of his own album artwork. A collection of his paintings, drawings and sculpture were gathered for an exhibition at the ICA in 2004.